The Diving Mask

The Diving Mask


Scuba Diving Gear

The diving mask is part of the basic diving equipment (ABC equipment) and is used on every dive, whether in a lake or in the sea. It consists of a mask skirt made of soft PVC or silicone, in front of which a tempered glass lens is inserted. The mask skirt has soft sealing lips toward the face of the diver, which prevents the penetration of water. A diving mask made of silicone is much more comfortable to wear since silicone very rarely triggers allergic reactions when touched. An adjustable mask strap holds the diving mask in place.

In colloquial language, the diving mask is also called diving goggles. This name is not quite correct, because the nose has to be included in the diving mask. This ensures that pressure equalization in the mask by exhaling through the nose can be performed.

The diving mask is to be distinguished in particular from swimming goggles, which protect your eyes from chlorine water. It differs from the diving mask by the smaller lenses and the missing nose pocket, also by the smaller strap.

There are numerous fits for different facial sizes. The manufacturers offer masks with one or two lenses, side windows or retro style. Some models can be equipped with prescription lenses. Important in fitting the mask is to make sure it never presses on any part of the face – who would like to have an uncomfortable feeling of pressure on the face during an exciting 45min dive when a whale shark is passing by.

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